1. TITLE The Club shall be called the –
    WADHURST and district PROBUS CLUB
  2. MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be open to fully or mainly retired professional and business men, aged fifty and over, resident in Wadhurst and district.
    The restrictions regarding conditions of membership may be waived at the discretion of the Committee.
    An application for membership shall be proposed by an existing member for consideration by the Committee.
    The Hon. Secretary shall maintain a Register of Members.
  3. COMMITTEE The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the undermentioned Officers and not more than four other Members elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and one or more Coordinators, elected at the Annual General Meeting, and the Immediate Past Chairman.
    The Chairman shall normally serve for a period of two years and shall then become the Immediate Past Chairman until succeeded by the next retiring Chairman.
    Committee Members, other than Officers, shall not normally serve continuously for a period exceeding three years. Four Committee Members, of which at least two shall be Officers, shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall have power to co-opt members and to appoint sub-committees.
    The Club shall normally meet at monthly intervals.
    An Annual General Meeting shall be held in November each year at a date, time and place determined by the Committee and at least twenty-one days’ notice of such meeting shall be given to members.
    Nominations for the election of Club Officers and other Committee Members, proposed and seconded, shall be given to the Hon. Secretary at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.
    The Hon. Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at the written request of at least twelve members and shall give members at least twenty-one days’ notice of such meeting.
    Voting at all meetings shall normally be by show of hands, but shall be by ballot if so requested by at least four members. Voting, except under Rule 9, shall be decided by simple majority and in the event of an equal division of votes the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
    Any member may invite a guest to a Club meeting, other than a Special General Meeting.
    The Hon. Secretary shall maintain a record of attendance at meetings. A member who, without explanation, is absent from four consecutive Club meetings shall be deemed to have resigned his membership, but the Committee may waive this rule in special circumstances.
    On joining the Club, a member shall pay an Entrance Fee. Thereafter he shall pay an Annual Subscription. The amount of the Entrance Fee and of the Annual Subscription for the following year shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
    The Annual Subscription shall become due for payment on 1st January. A member who has not paid his subscription by 31st March shall cease to be a member, but the Committee may waive this rule in special circumstances.
    The first Annual Subscription of new members shall be the full amount for those joining during the period January/March, three quarters of the full amount for those joining during April/June, one half of the full amount for those joining during July/September, and one quarter of the full amount for those joining during October/December.
  7. ACCOUNTS An Income and Expenditure Account for the twelve months to the 30th September each year shall be prepared, audited and presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. FUNDS The funds of the Club shall be held in a banking account operated on the signatures of any two of the following Club Officers – Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
  9. ALTERATION OF RULES Additions and alterations to these rules may only be made at Annual or Special General Meetings, provided that at least twenty-one days’ notice of proposals for such changes has been given to members. Such additions or alterations shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

Computer recorded data will only be used for the Club’s business and will not be used for any other purpose. Club’s business includes the periodic publication of Member’s and their partner’s names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers and former occupation in the Club’s Membership List issued for Members use only in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations.

The Club’s Health and Safety Policy comprises a risk assessment statement and policy statement. The purpose is to minimise risk to Members, guests and others involved in Club activities.

We are a low risk organisation by virtue of the fact that we do not engage with the public, our membership is controlled, and Members and guests only come together for social and educational activities. Our ages (average being over 65) and physical abilities preclude the engagement in strenuous, dangerous or sporting activities.

As many of the possible risks, including financial and property risks, associated with any Club event will be identified together with an assessment of the probability of those risks occurring and their impact. The nature of the Club’s events is such that most factors can be dealt with by using the common sense of their organisers and Members. Most of the Club’s events are repetitive so standard formats are used. Basic statements are kept are kept by the secretary and are available to all Members. Members must accept that it is their personal responsibility to decide on the level of their own and their guests (as far as reasonably possible) capability to participate in Club activities.

The Club will maintain liability insurance that provides specific policies for Probus clubs. A copy is kept by the treasurer and is available to all Members.